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By John F. Shroder

ISBN-10: 0791092097

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A glance on the geographic, political, monetary, and social features of Afghanistan, a rustic suffering to reconcile modernization with conventional values and methods.

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The party sought to establish a socialist society that adapted Marxist-Leninist principles to conditions in Afghanistan. THE RETURN OF DAOUD KHAN The results of the elections of 1969 revealed that Afghan tribal leaders, who were both socially and religiously conservative, had developed a better understanding of the electoral process. In the election, they gained control of Parliament. They did so with the goal of preserving traditional values and limiting further efforts in modernization. Following his departure from Afghan politics in 1963, Daoud had conducted an ongoing discussion with army officers and political activists.

The country thus became fully independent. In 1921, an Afghan-Soviet treaty of friendship was signed, further reducing outside pressures on the country. Actually, however, the Soviets needed first to consolidate their new empire’s hold on its rebellious regions directly to the north, and in other areas, before resuming their southward penetration in the cold war following World War II. KING AMANULLAH Emir Amanullah founded an Afghan monarchy in 1926 and undertook a tour of several Middle Eastern and European countries.

As Islamic law was already embedded in Afghan culture, its strict enforcement met with a sharp reduction in crime and widespread public approval. The treatment of women espoused by the Taliban was also widely criticized, particularly the requirement that women wear the chadri when in public. As in other regions of the Islamic world, Muslim women often view the requirement quite differently from women in non-Islamic societies.

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