Ron Bunney's All That Glitters PDF

By Ron Bunney

ISBN-10: 1920731776

ISBN-13: 9781920731779

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He flicked his whip with nonchalant ease and the tip slapped against the cylinder. ’ Conscious of Beth only a few paces behind him Martin held his breath. Would she blow her cover by reacting to the bullocky’s language? When no explosion came he relaxed and did some rapid calculations. His eyebrows rose. ‘That’s crazy. ’ ’Don’t you believe it! ’ Martin whistled. ’ The bullocky looked back at the packhorses and his glance lingered on Beth. ’ They chatted on for another ten minutes then Martin wished the bullocky well and let Picky resume a bit more speed.

Beth stabbed a chunk of potato and held it up on her fork. ‘What does her saviour do? Acts like Lord of the Manor! Drinks with the customers and makes a big fellow of himself. ’ She jammed the potato into her mouth and chewed savagely. ’ ‘Oh yeah. ’ Beth glared at him. ‘Until he short-changed me on my wages. Said they couldn’t afford hired help any more. Liar! He just wanted more profit for himself. ’ A smile tilted the corners of Martin’s mouth. ’ 61 ‘Did I ever! ’ ‘You headed for the goldfields then?

While he dug a shallow grave, the girls began to gather the bones. Christine shuddered as she held out some bones that had clearly been gnawed. ‘Think of them as sticks for the fire,’ Beth said matter-of-factly. To Martin, there was something a bit puzzling in Beth’s manner. He couldn’t work it out and after a while dismissed the idea. After all, they were girls and gathering human bones was a pretty gruesome task. He was the one who finally picked up the skull. When the job was finished the trio stood and looked at the earthen mound.

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