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By Brenda Lange

ISBN-10: 1438134622

ISBN-13: 9781438134628

ISBN-10: 1604137347

ISBN-13: 9781604137347

Antonio de Padua Maria Severino Lopez de Santa Anna was once a guy of many titles common within the Mexican military, president, dictator, landowner and administrator, husband, and father. Santa Anna is widely known for his half within the notorious conflict of the Alamo in the course of the U.S.-Mexican battle and is taken into account via many to be a bloodthirsty tyrant. even though, there have been many aspects to this icon of Mexican heritage. in the course of his lengthy lifestyles, Santa Anna rose to the top of energy, but he died approximately penniless and forgotten. This new biography strains his direction from middle-class beginnings to the halls of the capital in Mexico urban to exile in Cuba to his ultimate days.

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38 m). On the north and west sides, small, adobe rooms lined the walls. A long, one-story building called the Long Barracks ran along the south wall, with the 10-foot-wide (3 m) main entrance nearby. The southeast side of the compound had a gap in the wall; other areas of the walls were incomplete or weak. In early February, only 120 men were there, not nearly enough to defend it well. William Travis showed up with 30 men, which still was not enough. He had hoped to have 1,000 soldiers, but there was no money to pay them or to buy them food or clothes.

Indd 60 7/7/10 1:04 PM The Road to the Alamo 61 his boasting style, Santa Anna sent one messenger to the wagons, telling the drivers to hurry, and another to Mexico City, reporting on success in San Antonio, never mentioning the Texans who remained under siege in the mission/fort. Travis sent one last letter to friends, asking them to care for his seven-year-old son. He gathered the men one more time and explained the choices they faced: surrender, escape, or fight to the death. Several sources tell the story of a line in the sand Travis supposedly drew with the toe of his boot.

A series of revolts around the country led to the agreement called the Plan of Casa Mata, signed on Februry 1, 1823. In less than two months, the terms of the plan had reached all areas of the country, with almost everyone in agreement. This consensus led Iturbide to abdicate his throne, restore the Congress, and return to Europe. By April, most of the country backed Santa Anna’s view that a republican government was the most beneficial for the country. His leadership of the revolt against the monarchy gave him reason to declare himself the founder of the republic, and he was recognized as such by many.

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